Grand Master Ark Yuey Wong Performing Toisan Village Hung Kuen 

Hung Gar is a traditional Shaolin style of Kung Fu that takes discipline and dedication to pursue. However there are great rewards that you can achieve through your dedication and the knowledge that you are training in a traditional art that few know. Through the journey you will achieve understanding of yourself, of Hung Gar, and develop remarkable skills.

Hung Gar is a traditional martial art that demands respect from its students and its teachers. It offers many aspects of training to individuals because it is a soft and hard style of martial art. The individual can explore many facets of the art and never become bored because there is always something to perfect and something new to learn. Hung Gar is taught individually where each student is allowed to grow in accordance to his or her natural abilities. Not everyone is graceful or powerful or even quick. Hung Gar provides facets to grow in skill despite a person’s “short comings” and will build upon their strengths while diminishing their weaknesses.

Hung Gar is a family structure where the teacher or Sifu is the father and the students are brothers and sisters. In turn the Sifu has a father as well and so forth. This structure creates a strong base in which the student can feel supported in developing in their skills.

Hung Gar is a fascinating style that few people in the world are privileged enough to teach the art. It is my hope to honor the Hung Gar tradition and create an atmosphere where the student feels free to explore and grow in their skills and support each other. 

Sifu Louis Diaz Performing Iron Leaf Fan (Tid Yip Sin)

Here you will see different techniques and training methods performed in movies these same techniques you can learn in our school 

My Sifu Gerald Battle Performing            Dang Fung Hung Gar            (Five Animal Fist)

Sifu Louis Diaz & Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling Hung Family Martial arts