Shr-fu Sharon Diaz


Sharon was born in New York City

She began her training in Tai Chi in 1991


She had the opportunity to train under different Masters such as the renowned Dr Steve Sun in the Traditional Yang Style. Was also a private student of Master Lily Zhang in Yang Style, Dr Paul Lam in the Sun Style for Arthritis and continuing Education Series and Qigong under Kwon Si Hung and other masters.


Over the years she has competed in Local, Regional and International Martial Arts Championships. Had the amazing opportunity to visit and compete in China in The Fifth Zhejiang International Traditional Wushu Tournament in Hangzhon, China 2007. Winning medals for Individual, Pairs and Team, representing the US under Team Li Pei Yun.

While there had a wonderful opportunity to meet and train with one of the Four Buddha Warriors Wang Xian who is currently in charge of Chen Village, also fantastic was to meet and train with Master Zhang Xin Ming one of the top Xingyi/ Bagua, Sun Style Taiji practitioners.


Shr-fu Sharon Diaz has been a private student of Master Li Pei Yun since his arrival to the US from 1997 to present. Master Li was on the Henan Team, taught and coached the Fudan University Kung Fu Team, and has judge at the highest rank in Chinese Kung Fu Tournaments.


Shr-fu Sharon Diaz has a Black Belt in Tai Chi, a Reiki Master and continues to add to her Taiji life long experience in the internal healing arts.


She teaches as Head Instructor in Tai Chi under the leadership of Master Li Pei Yun with her son Sifu Louis Diaz at Shaolin Hung-Gar & Tai-Chi Institute.