Sifu Jamal eventually discovered Chinese Kung Fu which became an avid interest. He began his studies with Sifu Abdul Al Malik, a teacher of Mi Zhong Chuan (Lost Track Boxing) and Lama Pai (Tibetan White Crane Fist). He then had the privilege of learning Hung Gar, Five Animal and Five Family Kung Fu, from Sifu Norman Smith a student of the famed Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong and Sifu K. B. Young. At the same time Sifu Jamal was learning the northern system Tien Shan Pai (Heavenly Mountain System) from Shih Fu Thomas Hardy (a student of Grandmaster Lin Shih Kuang, Willy Lin). Sifu Jamal also studied Xingyiquan and Tai Chi as well as Chi Gong.

Sifu Jamal also holds high ranking in various other systems of martial arts including Goju Ryu Karate Do, holds a fourth Dan in Japanese and Okinawan under Shihan Gene Holden of the Mibukan DoJo. He holds a fifth Dan in Seito Goju Ryu Karate under Kyoshi Khalid Newton of the Tenkenkan Dojo (student of Kancho Robert Taiani of the Sosui Kan Hombu, in New York City).

Sifu Jamal also had the opportunity to train with Sensei Anthony Akins in Kyokushin Kai Karate. Sensei was a student of the famous Tadashi Nakamura and Mas Oyama.

In addition, Sifu Jamal also had the privilege of training with Mwanzo Umeme Umpingo in the African Fighting science known as Vita Saana (Art of War). Sifu Jamal holds the rank of Eusi, one of the highest ranks bestowed upon a Muwalimu (teacher).

Sifu Jamal is well versed in many weapons including Okinawan Kubudo Rokushin Bo, Sai, Kama, Eku, Katana as well as the Chinese weapons (Hei Bing) of short whip, staff, broadsword, double headed tiger-hooks, double broadswords, spear, big knife and various other weapons.

Over the years, Sifu Jamal has performed on television (PBS, FOX as well local TV stations) and has done many seminars, including a recent Panamanian Seminar on Chinese Kung Fu, and expos in the Tri-State area.


  • Sifu Jamal serves as an active board member of the United          Fellowship of Martial Artists.
  • He is a board member of the Tien Foundation of New Jersey.
  • U.M.A.R.A., United Martial Arts Referees Association.
  • U.S.C.K.F., United States Chinese Kuo shu Federation.
  • Co-Founder of the Okinawan Goju Ryu Research Society.
  • B.I.T.M.A, Board member of Blacks in the Martial Arts.
  • Member of Sosui Kan Branch, New York City.

Sifu Louis Diaz and Sifu Jamal

  • Sifu Jamal is a 2010 inductee into the “United Fellowship of Martial Artists”, Northern Kung Fu Instructor of the Year.
  • Sifu Jamal R El is a certified ILEETA instructor of OCAT, PATH, and Self-Protection Measures. He is also certified in MOAB.
  • He is certified in Pennsylvania under Act 235, Lethal Weapons.
  • He is a certified bail enforcement agent for the State of Delaware.
  • He is currently a supervisor for Drexel University Public Safety, Allied Barton Security Services in Philadelphia, PA.

Sifu Jamal continues to teach in the Philadelphia area. He is the head instructor of Chinese Martial Arts and the co-founder of the House of Martial Balance School in East Falls where he teaches on a weekly basis.

Sifu Jamal Rashad El Performing All River runs  Red  (Tein Shen Pai) 

Sifu Jamal El Performing White Crane in Flight

Sifu Jamal El Performing Single Tiger Exits the Cave

Sifu Jamal El Performing 
  • Yiu Ga Dai Pah Yiu Family Big Fork